salon bateau2Golden Dignity was originally created to help Senior Citizen in their daily life. That’s why the full name of the company is actually “Golden Dignity Inc”. However most of people use shorter name “Dignité” or sometimes “Dignity”.

We are small group of enthusiastic people who like helping others, especially seniors. We work closely with multiple Seniors Residences where we organize presentation of various product that can help seniors in their life. At the end of each presentation we receive multiple requests for help from seniors who needs products such as walking, personal care articles, special brushes, aromatherapy and many others.

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Along with product for seniors, Dignité also distributes various other products such as aromatherapy. This product is known for its natural source and incredible effect on well-being of people suffering from stress, fatigue, migraine, snoring etc. The popularity of this product is growing every year due to the acceleration of the rhythm of our life. The time when we can relax and relief from our stress, problems, thoughts is very important. With essential oils it is possible to create the peaceful ambience of comfort, spiritual and mental balance.


Where to find our product

In addition to our online store and promotional sales during salons and expos, you may choose to buy this product in one of the following affiliated stores:






Pharmacie JP Chicha - D Lafontaine

92 Boulevard Cardinal Léger, Pincourt, QC J7V 3Y4

(514) 425-5666


Exquise Beauté Esthétiques

621 Chemin Ozias-Leduc, Otterburn Park, QC J3H 2M7

(514) 850-9474



You may also reach us by phone (514) 653-5273 or by using the following contact form: 

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